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Seeing @the_real_diehl_lany in some Shakespeare under the open sky. I love living in LA. Free theater, friends, and beautiful weather. Break a leg, Wifey!

Seeing @the_real_diehl_lany in some Shakespeare under the open sky. I love living in LA. Free theater, friends, and beautiful weather. Break a leg, Wifey!

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Anonymous asked: They didn't cast Kat's twin sister on Finding Carter possibly because Meg isn't acting right and is focusing on writing.

I assumed as much.  I work in Casting for television, and we see this all the time… brilliant young actors who just don’t love it anymore, or want to take a break to continue their education.

(Aidan Mitchell, I’m talking to you here.  Such an incredible young talent.  It’s a bummer not to see this young man on screen anymore, but I am sure he is happy doing whatever he is doing now.)  

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Holy Missed Opportunity, Batman!

I’m currently watching the pilot episode of the new MTV series, “Finding Carter.”  The lead character is a 16 year old girl who finds out that the woman who raised her is not actually her mother, but is in fact her kidnapper.  She was abducted from her biological parents at the age of 3. She has a twin sister who doesn’t remember her, and another little brother, born after she was taken.  She spends most of the pilot trying to wrap her head around her major life change.

Please note.  I said TWIN sister.

Kathryn Prescott, who plays the lead character, has an ACTUAL twin sister… Megan Prescott, also an actress.  You might know them from when they played twin sisters in Skins (the UK version, not the shitty US remake).  

Why, then, why oh why would you cast someone else to play her twin, when that moment of our lead seeing “herself” standing in front of her would be so powerful?

Also, Kathryn’s lisp is adorable.  That’s not really relevant here.  I just wanted to mention it.

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Oh my lordy.  What an adventure I had last night.

On thursday afternoon, I get a text from my friend America.  The gist of the convo is as follows: “Hey, are you avail tomorrow night? I got extra tix to the Labyrinth Ball tomorrow.  Wanna go?” “Hells yes.”  With just over 24 hours notice, I got to rock my red velvet cloak (purchased during Carnivale in Venice, Italy, in 2003), a mask I bought during the same Venice trip, and a bridesmaid dress at the 2014 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball.  

It was a blast!  It’s the Fri and Sat after Independence Day but this year was on the 4th since the 4th was a Friday.  This meant that the crowds were not as massive as they would normally be.  This is a good thing for me since sometimes I get panic attacks if there are too many people in a crowd and I feel trapped.  

I got to spend time with my lovely friends, and they introduced me to several of their lovely friends, all of whom were wearing INSANE gorgeous costumes.  

I’ve never seen such gorgeousness up close and personal.  I don’t do conventions (see aforementioned panic attacks) so this was my first real foray into non-Halloween costumes.  There were several Assassin’s Creed outfits, at least 3 each Jareths and Sarahs, a stunning plague doctor, a Valkyrie on roller skates, an alien on stilts, a guy whose wig was made of feathers instead of hair, more corsets than a renaissance faire, and 100+ pairs of wings.  There was a woman there wearing a dress out of what looked like liquid latex… delicious.

I bet tonight’s ball will be much more elaborate and awesome, because Saturday always is, but I’m not sure I could have handled it. I’m glad my first time was on a quieter night.  I hope that all my friends who are going tonight take shit-tons of pictures so I can live vicariously.

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